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Reviews of Progress International Weekly Medical Research Journal
ISSN 2321-3485
Impact Factor : 4.3222 (UIF) [Yr.2017]
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Editor-in-Chief :  Dr.Shirinivas Pindipol
ISSN No : 2321-3485
Frequency : Weekly
Reviews of Progress is an international peer-reviewed general medical journal published 53 issues per year. ROP is the most widely circulated medical journal in the world. The online edition is fully open access and does not require any subscription to access it.
ROP is a peer review professional medical journal.. Articles include the latest news in clinical research and medicine, case studies that physicians encounter is daily practice, reviews, and events.
To subscribe to the journal, you may download a copy of the subscription form, fill in the particulars, attach the cheque /demand draft and mail to the Editorial Office.
Click here for ROP subscription form [PDF]
The Draft/ Cheque should be drawn in favour of Dr. Ashok Yakkaldevi and should be forwarded to the address mentioned below.
Ashok Yakkaldevi
          258/34 , Raviwar Peth , Solapur-413005, Maharashtra,India.
          Mob: +91-9595 359 435
Subscription Rates for weekly Journal of Medical Specialties
Type Annual Fee
Individual 5000/-
Institutional 5000/-
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