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Reviews of Progress International Weekly Medical Research Journal
ISSN 2321-3485
Impact Factor : 4.3222 (UIF) [Yr.2017]
Guideline For Author :
Cover Page :  A cover page as a separate file attachment.

  • Title of Paper
  • Name of Author
  • Academic Departments
  • Affiliation of Author
  • Positions of Author
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
Abstract : Summarize an article useful for browsing or keywords searching a brief set of statements that summarize, classifies, evaluate or describes the important points of a text.
Keyword : Introduction and statement of the problem, identifies the need for the work and poses the research question.
Review of Literature : Places the work in context, restatement of the research question as an Hypothesis.
Method : Do the sample, measures, methods, observation, procedure and statistical analysis ensure internal and external validity!
Integration : Does the study provide a good test of the theory and hypothesis or sufficient empyreal grounds for building new theory.
Points to may be covered in the research paper :
  • Abstract
  • Problems
  • Significance
  • Scope and Limitations
  • Methodology
  • Statistics Used
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Note : If any important point absent, article will be rejected.
Conceptual Paper

  • Paper should be on reflective thinking
  • It should contain novel ideas / information
  • It may be of worldwide importance
  • Scope and Limitations
  • Criticism on Ph.D. Research
  • Review of M.Phil. / Ph.D. research

  • English : Font Size - 12 pt, Font Name - Times new Roman
  • Fact of papers presented/submitted in a conference/seminar or minor / major research project must be clearly mentioned at the bottom of the first page of the manuscript and the author should specify with whom the copyright vests
  • Manuscripts including tables, figures and references should be around 3000-4000 words for articles. 1000 words for book reviews
How to Submit

  • While submitting the paper the author must give a declaration that "The article has not been published or sent for publication"
  • There is no deadline for submission
  • If authors more than one please mention who are main and who are co-authors
  • Submit soft copy of article at Submit a hard copy of the Article along with a soft copy (CD) at: 258/34, Raviwar Peth, Solapur - 413 005, Maharashtra, India
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