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Reviews of Progress International Weekly Medical Research Journal
ISSN 2321-3485
Impact Factor : 4.3222 (UIF) [Yr.2017]
Case Study :
Stepping Stones Towards Applied Behaviour Analysis
Author Name : Deepa Bhatted,Bhasi Sukumaran
Author Affiliation : Author Affiliation :
Counsellor and Lecturer in Psychology,Former HOD of Dept of Clinical psychology Dept.
Abstract :Difficulties in socialization, communication, and behavior are the main characteristics of Autism Spectrum disorder (ICD - 10). These symptoms express themselves before the age of three and are generally accompanied by deficits in cognitive functioning, learning, attention, and sensory processing. According to Action for Autism India there are two million children diagnosed with autism (based on an estimated rate of 1 in 250) (Action for Autism 2008). Applied Behaviour Analysis is a basic intervention program used in the treatment of the behavioural problems of autistic (Maurice, Green, & Luce, 1996) and it has been successfully applied to behavioural excesses and deficits since 1960s (Lowaas, Freitag, Gold & Kassorla, 1965). ABA has been successfully applied to behavioural excesses and deficits in the area for autism since the 1960s (sited by Carr, & Firth 2005) and has been shown to be an effective means of intervention for adults and children. The ABA approach teaches social, motor, verbal behaviors and reasoning skills, and is effective in managing challenging behaviour.

Preparing A Case Study Of Assessing Any Of The Personality Traits Of Any Identified Elementary/ Middle School Student From A Vicinity School
Author Name : Samvedna Sharma
Author Affiliation : Author Affiliation :
Assistant Professor, Department of Education , University of Jammu
Abstract :Mother was suffering extreme stress during this pregnancy . Relationship with the in laws and money problem was the root cause of extreme stress during pregnancy .

ARDS and Pregnancy
Author Name : Dr. Ravindra Gundeli (M.D.)
Author Affiliation : Author Affiliation :
Shri Markendeya Solapur Sahakari Rugnalaya.
Abstract :Patients of pregnancy and ARDS are less 2% of admission to hospital it is related or may not be related to pregnancy. Our case is lung related and pneumonitis with respiratory distress. Other are like aspiration, embolism, eclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

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